Featured Project

The Story

Johnny Sides of Sides Seeding approached our sister company, SBB Design, for assistance with an idea he had for a better machine for his industry.  

The Problem:

Sides Seeding spreads thousands of tons of grass seed, fertilizer, and organic materials for turf generation and maintenance.  They had a reoccurring bottleneck in their operations.   Each material needed to be spread separately, as no spreader on the market could adapt to the different materials.

The Solution:

Together, we developed a specialized machine that would not only spread any material; it would mix very different materials and spread them in one pass.  Sides Seeding ran the prototype and it quickly became a game changer for their operations.  Rather than hauling around several pieces of equipment, as was the case previously, with the Sides Spread-All Spreader only one machine would be needed to be brought to a customer site.  Once on site, only one pass with the new spreader was required to seed a plot of land, as opposed to several passes required with other machines.

The Result:

 Recognizing the potential, we assisted Sides Seeding in creating an offshoot company, Sides Spreader and Equipment Co.  The company is now fully commercializing the spreader and is growing in new markets.
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